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Madame X Sonya


This website is a site offering quality support between adults, if the meetings prove to be beyond simple support this will be done between consenting people and with full knowledge of the facts.

I reserve my choice of accepting or refusing partners, specifying that I can at any time end a meeting that is not to my convenience.

During this pandemic period a testnegative will be required

I understand that the website I am about to visit is adult themed and therefore is not intended to be viewed if I am under the age of 18 or 21 under the laws of my country.

I hereby certify:

- access to material and images with erotic content is not prohibited or contrary to the laws of your country of residence or the Internet access of your provider or the place where you access the Internet.

- Be informed of the erotic nature of the server I visit.

- I am not shocked by any type of sexuality and do not allow myself to launch legal action against

- You agree not to show the content to minors or any other person who may be offended or who does not meet these conditions.

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