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My conditions are not negotiable

I don't accept cheapskates

 30 / 40 min €250

 1h00 €350

 1h30 €450

 2h00 €600

Evening Rate or Dinner date  €800 and €1200

 Full Night  €2000 and €2500  depending on the distance and difficulties to schedule and service chosen

 Outcall from 1 a.m. €450  and 2h €600

For duo, trio or cuckolding, contact me


a young vicious student who likes to take a private lesson to fuck her teacher


she does the housework while your wife is away oops!!! she didn't wear any panties under her apron


a nurse filled with concern and who takes the samples with her mouth

Sexy Secretary

a beautiful nympho secretary ready to do anything to climb the ladder, in a fitted blouse and leather skirt, can be nuanced into a domina version.

Psy Rapist

rapist mixing behavioral therapy under hypnosis an unscrupulous psychologist who rapes her patients and takes advantage of their vulnerability

Mixed Wrestling

 wrestling and bondage for those who enjoy being gently pinned, choked, and pinned between the thighs

SM initiation

fetish domina which includes soft initiation for beginners and SM practices. More advanced for hard submissives adept at the most exquisite masochism


a remote slave under psychological influence and membership contract to offer gifts, transfers, perfumes, jewelry, and recharge coupons to his goddess

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